Tuesday, June 30, 2009

" Wordful Wednesday "

Today is wordful Wednesday. It has been a practice with some of us bloggers to compose a poem each week on this day. This week however, I am not feeling very inspired to do so. I do have to be inspired to rhyme. And it's not happening this time!

Some of us have chosen to participate in a game of tag. I am going to post the list of twenty of my favorites in just a minute. First I have to say that I do enjoy these kinds of lists as I get to find out different things about all of you. And quite frankly, it's a nice break from trying to come up with something new!

I do have a request of anyone who would like to participate. I am very interested and very curious as to why you started blogging. I am sure everyone has a different reason. I think it would be interesting to know. You can tell me why in my comments section, but I would really like to see a post about it. So please keep this in mind. I think it will be very enlightening! I will, at the end of my twenty favorites list, tell you why I started blogging. Some of you may already know.

Twenty of my favorites

1. Color - Purple today, Blue tomorrow
2. Dessert - Cheesecake, is there anything else?
3. Smell - Vanilla and Babies
4. Flower - No fair I love them all, O.K. then Cosmos
5. Animal- My husband, but I like dogs too.
6. Month - October
7. Beverage - Water
8. Pair of shoes - My slippers
9. Snack - Cheese and Crackers
10. Song - How Great Thou Art
11. Book - The Bible
12. Fruit - Cherries
13. Hairstyle - Crew Cut, no fuss no muss
14. Piece of Clothing - A very worn thin, with holes, twenty-two year old night shirt that I wear when I am sick.
15. Store to Clothes Shop In - Wal-Mart, I hate clothes shopping. I know it's not normal right?
16. Season - Fall of coarse.
17. Hobbies - Crocheting, sewing, blogging, gardening, laughing, being annoying.
18. Things To Collect - Crochet patterns, piggy's, crosses, bones. Don't freak out, they're wish bones. Stick around and maybe some day I'll explain!
19. Movie - " Summertime " starring Katherine Hepburn and " Under the Tuscan Sun" starring Diane Lane.
20. Restaurant - El Rancharito Mexican Restaurant

Alrighty then, there you have it. And now I will tell you why I started to blog. Last November I had a stroke. And it was pretty scary. Thank the Lord up above I came home from the hospital with no lasting effects. Although my memory seems a little worse. I am a very high strung person who has had a difficult time accepting the fact that I can no longer do all the things that I'd like to. While I was in the hospital, my daughter , Ginny, flew home from North Carolina to help me out until I got myself back together. She was so worried about me, as I try to do way to much. I have been working on this and I believe that I am getting much better at the relaxation thing!

Ginny had been blogging for awhile. I really didn't think much of it as I really never used the computer except for work at church. Ginny thought it would be something for me to try that I could do to keep myself busy. INTERPRETATION: Ginny thought it would be something for me to try that would keep my butt in the chair for long periods of time! So she set me up.

So that is how this blogging thing began for me. Keep in mind that blogging does not prevent strokes as I had another one in February. But it is fun and it has kept me relaxed when I need to be. But most importantly I have met new and amazing friends.

Now, I want to hear your stories. I want to know how you discovered blogging and what made you decide to try it. So go get busy. Inquiring minds want to know!


Eileen said...

Enjoyed this post A LOT! I liked your list.
I don't have an interesting blogging story, it was just more like writing a diary to me, and I figured "Who's ever going to read this?" My oldest daughter did encourage me too, she said it would be nice to have my memories of Jayden written down, but I didn't post about him right away, I more unburdened a lot of what I was carrying around about a friend in a bad situation, losing my parents and others dear to me, and just things of interest to me. My sister was so afraid for me, she still is! She thinks everyone in blog land is out to get me or trick me somehow! She's so funny. She's one of those skeptics I spoke about in one of my last posts!

Can I ask you some things about your strokes? I won't feel offended if you don't want to answer, please don't be offended by my forwardness.
How did you know you were having a stroke? How long before you got medical attention? Did you realize right away the second time what was happening? How did your husband take it? What about the rest of your family?
Sorry for all the questions, I sound like an interrogator!

Love you,

Diana said...

Hi Eileen, No I don't mind talking about the strokes. I hadn't been feeling good for a while. Can't pin point it just didn't feel right. The night before my stroke my arm was a little numb, but I thought my carpel tunnel was kicking in bad as it sometimes does. I went to bed and when I got up in the morning to make Katies breakfast it still felt funny. Then when I went to flip the bacon with the tongs I just lost control of my arm completely. I called my husband and woke him up. It was about 5:30 a.m. He told me that I needed to go to the hospital now! Believe it or not I didn't want to go but he started freaking out at me and insisted. I drove myself using my left hand to the hospital which is about five blocks from my house. So I got there pretty quickly after my arm went totally numb and cold. Within a half hour. My son was there within a half hour. He was already working. My husband wasn't able to get there until that evening as he was gone over the road. Ginny, my older daughter was there the next day from N.C. Everyone was sort of freaked out. I was in the hospital for three days. My doctor's really don't know why I had it other then I'm not in the greatest of shape.
The second one happened after I took Katie to the doctor because she was sick. I was walking out of the pharmacy from getting her medicine and my entire arm again went completely numb.I went home with Katie and then called my son to come and take me to the hospital. That was when they put me on the strong medications. Plavix, and 650mg. of aspirin a day. also lovastatin for my cholesterol. That was my third try on cholesterol medications. The previous one's made me really sick. This one's not working but I am so tired of worrying about it.And now possibly the aspirin has eaten a whole in my stomach. So I just try not to dwell on it anymore. I figure, worrying about it doesn't help. I have since had a couple of mini strokes. But as I said I am tired of worrying and thinking about it all. I just try to enjoy everyday and do the best that I can. Because really, we have no idea what can happen in the blink of an eye!

Eileen said...

Diana, you have such a great attitude.
You remind me of my sister-in-law, so many, many different medical problems she has, so many medications (she even had to apply for that catastrophic insurance), she has chron's disease (spelling?), she's had surgery for an abdominal aneurism, she has lung/breathing problems, she has had a heart attack (lots of little or silent ones), she is on heavy duty heart/lung/gastric medicines, and she has something else wrong but I can't think of it now. Anyway, her attitude is like yours, she's just kind of sick of being sick, she's tired all the time, but she feels like what can you do? And she just goes on and enjoys her life for the most part. You both really amaze me.
She's been lucky too, getting to the hospital in enough time, close calls, things like that. And also more medical problems from her medications like you. It's just mind-boggling.
Thanks so much for sharing your story. And I do think you have a great attitude, but don't get too 'accepting' that you get lax about medical care! Okay, you can tell me now what my sister-in-law always says "Eileen, I'm not an idiot! I know what I have to do! Just MYOB!!" Then I tell her okay, don't bother ever going to another doctor again and don't bother taking medicine anymore! See how much we love and cherish each other?!
We do, really.

Blessings each day said...

Now, it's a hard decision about which I enjoyed more...the post itself or the informative comments (Diana, you really did another post there and Eileen you did a questioning post too or is that questionable??? ;o) )

Diana I am hoping that you are taking lots of healing vitamins. There were alot of health people in my network groups and one I am still in touch with.

BTW, did your doctor also suggest slo niacin (I bought it at Wal Mart, in the vitamin section) for the cholesterol problem? Michael started on that about three weeks ago along with his simvastatin. You just have to take slo niacin with food as you can feel like a hot flash is hitting for awhile (it only happened to Michael once so far, but he was at work when he said the fan started blowing really hot air at him, then he realized it wasn't the fan and went into the bathroom and splashed cold water on his face).

I have him on lots of vitamins because of his CHF and he does well.

Will post bout how I got into blogging.

blessings with healing hugs,


p.s. So far the only thing going numb on me is my brain...no wait, sometimes the carpal tunnel does its thing too.

Blessings each day said...

Whoo ooo whooo ooo...it's the blogger police here. Already had to issue that Eileen a ticket for not obeying the rules and now come to find out you didn't do your poem today! When will you ladies EVER learn?? We police are busy enough with having to make these donut runs and such, so you need to OBEY the rules.
Might let you off this time with just a warning as I can hear a chocolate covered cake donut calling for police back up and this could be serious....

ur frenly poolice man

Unknown said...

WOW! Oh pleeezze take care of yourself! What a scary year you have had! I guess I take my half way healthy life for granted! We are tooo young to have these health problems! I started blogging becaue my wonderful sister insisted that I do. I have been writting a journal for the past 15 years or so, (on the computer of course) and blogging is just another source of journaling more for the grandkids I think. Printing it out and putting it in covers and binders will be nice for posterity. I think mostly I want my children and grandchildren to know who I was, what I believed, and how much I loved them. It is also a GREAT way to make new life long friendships I never would have made!

Diana said...

Hi Marcy, I have read about the slo-niacin. My doctor did suggest it as an option because of all of the problems I was having with the cholesterol lowering meds. However, I have been through menopause and want nothing more to do with hot flashes! There comes a time when I have to say enough is enough. I am sick of taking so many meds. I am only taking what the doctor deems absolutely necessary.Even with insurance we are struggling to pay for the ones that I have to take. My doctor is kind enough to help me with lots of samples but the drug pushers are cutting back on free samples as well.
This is why ultimately, I have to step back, take a deep breath and trust that God will see me through, one way or another. I am by nature a happy person and I have lots and lots of FAITH!
So as I told Eileen, I am just going to live my life the best that I can. God has not forgotten about me, I am in his hands!

Wanda..... said...

Hi Diana...You remind me of my sister...She was having chest pains at work...left early and drove herself home...air care came eventually...good health care should be a "right" for everyone...Sometimes the side effects of drugs we take are worse than the symptoms we take them for...but necessary sometimes.

My daughter Annette convinced me to start blogging...I just thought of it as a family scrap book or else I would have been lost as to what to post...things just evolved...I never dreamed of meeting so many like minded women and making such dear friendships.

I always enjoy your posts Diana, even when you sit down and state you have nothing to say!!! :)

Tranquility Speaks said...

That is the thing about tags, you discover things about the person you interact with on a daily basis, that you'd otherwise never know!

I am sorry to hear of your strokes. Take good care of yourself, so that the one you had in February becomes your last.

My best friend wanted me to start it. She called me out of the blue, and didn't rest until I had one up and running the following evening. More about it on my own blog some time :-)

Tranquility Speaks said...

I shall find out more about strokes and if I come across any useful information, I shall pass it on to you. In the meanwhile I would suggest Homeopathy , like I told Bernie about it. It has a cure for most of the ailments. And it works when even allopathy fails. I am not sure where you live, but there must be some Homeopathic practisioners in your area. No harm in consulting them.

Jerelene said...

I'm glad you're doing well now and I'm so glad that you decided to blog. I know how bad strokes can be as my Mother has had several...
I started reading blogs when I decided to start homeschooling. I wanted to learn as much as I could from other VETERAN homeschoolers. I just kind of drifted in the background until we found out Sam had tourettes. I was suffering such grief over it..I decided that maybe if I started writing..it would help me with being so depressed. I think it definately has done that..and I've made new, precious friends in the process!

Anonymous said...

Diana...the more I learn about my blogging friends, the more I like them...and I already liked them a lot. I feel we are family. I am also thankful that you were able to get to the hospital and get diagnosed. I am still amazed that you drove yourself...
Continue to take care of you....I know that you do. I'm glad that you began blogging and that you share your time with me...
Smiles from Jackie

Bernie said...

Hi Diana, I left a comment this morning but don't see it here. I have kept a written journal since I was 12 years old. One day while I was on the computer I noticed the blog sign on my home page so I clicked on it, followed each step and here I am. I wish I had someone who knows about computers to help me change my blog page. I want something "pink" on it....I was thinking of taking my laptop home as my brother knows his way around a computer but I know I won't have time for it....just too many people to visit.
Diana, I do hope you are taking care of yourself, I am glad that your weather has cooled a bit for you. You are in my prayers always my friend....:-) Hugs

Barb said...

Hi Diana,
You have already received much advise - both from the medical people and from your friends and family. I would hesitate to throw in my 2 cents except what I'm going to tell you will bring a smile to your face...cinnamon. Yes - the spice. It has been tested extensively as a means of lowering blood glucose and one of the "side effects' is that it also lowers cholesterol. You can find the studies on the web. I sprinkle some in my tea and on my cereal or yogurt. Easy - try some! One thing - it can't hurt you! You are a very talented writer; I'm happy that you started blogging and that I "discovered" you. I've always journaled. Lately, I've been going through 40 years of notebooks and have started the process of shredding...some things I really don't want my Grandchildren to read! However, it's hard to break an old writing habit - so now I blog instead!