Wednesday, June 3, 2009

" Wonderful Wednesday"

Today was a good day and it's not even over yet! I slept until 6:00a.m. which for me is sleeping in. I took my time over my coffee reading everybodies lovely blogs. No hurry, no pressure. I did have to go into to church for a little while to do some secretary work. I will admit that I wanted to call Katie and Ginny, my nosy side kicking in! I was very curious to hear about their day at "Dollywood". I managed to dismiss my curiosity for that moment.

After I left church I took a ride to one our local thrift stores. On
e of my favorite things to do. I didn't go crazy but I did manage to find a few little treasures. I swore to myself that I wasn't going to buy anymore Christmas decorations, I have far too many as it is. Last year I didn't even put them all out. I just don't know what came over me. A few years back I started collecting snowmen so when I saw this guy, well I just don't know!

The next thing I found was this pretty little lace doily. I had the perfect spot for it!

The Ladies Home Journal box sitting on top of it was also a thrift store find. The next thing I found was a decoupage box that someone had made. It went into my bathroom upstairs.

And finally I found this scarf. The color is what caught my eye. It is also slightly funky. I love funky.

You will notice that Ruby was also interested in the funky new scarf, along with Roxy in the chair! So there you have it. All of the finds of my treasure hunt.

On my way home my phone rang. It was Ginny, yea! She reported that they were now on their way to North Carolina. They had great fun at "Dollywood" but apparently not quite enough. The park closed at 7:00, on their way to a different hotel across town they found another amusement park and went there as well. They also went to play laser tag which Katie loves, and then they went go-carting. Kate loved that as well even though she had an accident and bruised her leg! She's still walking so that's a good sign. At the time of this writing they should be in Rale
igh by now at Daniel and Ginny's house. Poor Daniel. I am fighting off the urge to call them. I'm hopelessly nosy. I will not call!

Tomorrows plans involve this sweet little thing!

My granddaughter Sarah. She is sweet but sometimes sneaky. She doesn't like when I take her picture. How did I get her to pose for this one you ask? Notice if you will the ladder in the left side of the photo. As Sarah was starting to climb it I asked "Are you supposed to be climbing that ladder?" when she quickly came down the ladder to pose for grandma! Bribery, it works every time!

Sarah will be spending the night with me tomorrow. We have so many plans, I just hope we can fit them all in. A visit to Mcdonalds playland. Baking Lemon Balm Shortbread, she loves picking the Lemon Balm from my yard so I thought we would actually bake something with it! And then we plan on having our own weeny roast in the yard. The weather is supposed to be nice and cool and dry. Perfect for a fire and S'mores! Before bed we are going to watch "Hotel for Dogs" if we can stay awake that long!!!!!

So for tonight I am going to watch a movie and then off to bed. So goodnight all. Sleep tight!


Annette said...

Great finds! I enjoy stopping at thrift stores too. I only go when I am looking for something specifically, otherwise I'd spend and spend!

Sarah is so lovely! Sneak some more photos of her!

I left a comment on your previous post a little while ago, and I decided to check back before I went off to bed and I discovered your newer post! So now you have 2 comments from me within the same hour. Hmmm...

Eileen said...

I love all your thrift store finds! And I don't blame you for not wanting to pass up that snowman!
Oh, I'm envious of it all, but I think my most favorite is the doily.

This was another sweet post, you sound like you had a wonderful day, and the same for your daughters too! Thanks for posting about them too, I was wondering how they were faring. It sounds like they are packing their time with FUN!

And tomorrow sounds like it will be another nice day for you! ENJOY!

Brenda said...

Oh it is so hard not to call when you are thinking of someone all day! I have been there!

I love Grandma Days! Your will have such fun and you are building memories!

Teresa said...

Hi Diana,
I love your Thrift Store finds! I love thrift stores too, but I don't have anywhere to put a single thing in my little place. I also love garage sales and swap meets! I think you will have a wonderful time with your grandaughter...she is beautiful! MMMMMM S'mores! When you mentioned them, I went looking for something sweet to eat. Good thing I don't buy sweets lately, or I could have eaten a box of oreo's!!

Bernie said...

So glad you have a wonderful Wednesday doing what you enjoy doing. Love your "finds", my fovorite was the scarf, guess I like funky too. Glad the girls are doing so well.....tomorrow will be so much fun making memories with your granddaughter, enjoy it my friend....:-) Hugs

Blessings each day said...

This is gonna be so cute because my favorite of the treasures you found (but I do like all of them) is that snowman...who couldn't just love him with that pan on his head?? I went thrift shopping yesterday myself, but my main find was a few books.
Don't worry...I would have had to have called each day (too manymother genes in me), so it's even better when they call.

Enjoy your special time with your granddaughter.

blessings and hugs,


Wanda..... said...

Hi Diana...I would have bought the snowman to add to my small collection too...Sleeping in and free time for have it made this week Diana...Enjoy today with your lovely granddaughter Sarah and don't eat too many s'mores...that's a favorite here too...along with camp fires!...Take care and have fun!

Unknown said...

Hello my sweet friend! I wanted to catch a glimps of everyones blogs for one last time before off to beddy by and up at 5 am to get on the plane. The grandkids are soo excited and so am I! I can't wait to take lots of pics and report when I get back. Thank you so much for you sweet thoughts and prayers for us. You blog is so sweet. I would love to be there with you and go to the thrift store. You and I have so much in common. I LOVE SNOWMEN! I collect them too! I never have enough room for them! What wonderful treasures! See you soon! LINDALU

Eileen said...

Diana, I meant to ask you, the decoupage box is sitting on what looks like a vintage tablecloth, is it the one from "Aunt Belle"? Whatever it is it looks beautiful!

And I would LOVE to see the owl nightlight! If you get a chance please post a picture for me.