Monday, June 22, 2009

I wanted to post this story about this man that Katie, Jake and I saw walking on Friday and Saturday. I thought him to b
e an interesting character.

There you will also find a better photo of him then I had taken. ( Surprise, surprise )

Oh dear here I go again. It is horribly hot here in southern Illinois today. When I walked Ruby and Roxy last night I felt as t
hough I lived in a tropical jungle. I say jungle because with all of the rain we have had the weeds and plants are flourishing! Unfortunately with heat indexes of 105 degrees, I have no desire to do anything about it. But I am sure that there are many of you with the same temperatures right now as well! So on that note I will spare you anymore jungle talk!

I think my husbands Fathers Day weekend was pretty good. He was able to cookout on Saturday. He BBQ'd pork steaks which were delicious, while I was in the kitchen making potato pancakes and green beans. Katie loved the potato pancakes, they did come out good! The whole dinner was fabulous but we always do good with the food when we cook together!

I forgot to mention that Friday evening we watched " Gran Torino" with Clint Eastwood. We all enjoyed the movie. Even Katie, who as usual, had to put up a stink because she didn't want to watch it. She even made her homemade caramel corn for her dad. This time we made it with real popcorn and it came out even better. And oh did daddy like that!

Sunday morning I was up before my husband . Which is unusual. When he woke, we had coffee together and I made him a nice Fathers Day breakfast. Of course Katie was still asleep! So it was a peaceful morning!

When Katie woke up she gave her dad his card and framed photo we had made up for him. He really loved it and we decided to hang it over the firep
lace. We will get the other ones printed that she took and make a collage of her photos.

Sunday afternoon we went out to our sons house for another BBQ. Our daughter-in-law is a wonderful cook, so anytime we are invited for dinner we usually go! They had a feast of grilled meats and side dishes. Jake got a t-shirt that said "Worlds Greatest Grandpa" and had Jack and Sarah's hand print on it!

Today is baby Jacks 1st birthday! Happy birthday baby boy! The photo above shows Jack chillin' after being splashed by his sister Sarah! It was nice being able to play with him yesterday. I tried to get a photo of Sarah but she wasn't up for the photo op!
After our delicious dinner, we visited a bit and went home. Katie stayed out there to spend the night. I wasn't feeling well so we didn't stay too long.
I think my hubby had a pretty good weekend although I know he wished it could have been longer. He had to leave last night.

I hope that everyone had a great weekend!


Eileen said...

Nice post, Diana. You sound like you had a great family weekend, the best kind to have!
I haven't gone to the story with the guy with the ball yet, I'll do that after this.

I love your adorable grandson! He's really beautiful.

Diana, when will you hear back from the doctor/tests about what is going on with you?

Still praying,
PS ~ thanks for the suggestion on the radiator, I'm working on it!

Eileen said...

Great story about the guy with the ball! What a novel way to raise awareness of Diabetes!
Thanks for sharing!
I enlarged the picture for Jayden to see, he got a kick out of that big, giant ball!

Diana said...

Hi Eileen, I have to go see a surgeon Wednesday to see what he thinks the problem may be and if he will need to look inside. I hope not but I am feeling worse and worse, Wednesday couldn't come soon enough. I don't know anything more then I did before! Hey I rhymed! Thank you for the prayers.
Those old radiators are a pain sometimes to get out. Pipes have to be cut under the floors if they are still there. And they weight a ton! We still have two gigantic ones in the living room (5 ft. each)that will have to come out before we paint one day. Jake keeps putting it off, I don't blame him. It's not something that he could do himself. Carrying them out is the worst. But it would free up two whole walls to arrange things differently!

Brenda said...


I am so sorry that you are not feeling well! I do hope that you get some answers on Wednesday. It is hard to function when in pain. Just getting through the day is enough but you are keeping a good attitude though I can sense your exhaustion with your discomfort.

We liked Gran Torino as well. There were so many good lessons. The language was hard to hear but I am glad that Katie liked the movie.

Teresa said...

Hi Diana,
I am glad you had a nice weekend with your family and your hubby. How are you feeling? I have been thinking about you and I have to say you really made me laugh on your ten honest things. I plan on going back and reading about the guy and the ball...just wanted to drop you a note first. Hope you are doing good today! ((((HUGS)))) T

Diana said...

Hi Brenda, The thing that struck me about Gran Torino was kind of funny. Where we live now, people don't think twice about walking on our lawn. When we lived in Chicago, you wouldn't dare dream of walking on someones lawn! I think people there had more respect for other peoples property,especially since it would be a small parcel generally!
Thank you for your concern Brenda. I am hanging in there but it is difficult to function and keep a happy face on! I have faith that everything will be resolved soon.

Diana said...

Hi Teresa it's nice to have you back! We had a nice weekend I hope yours went well too! I'm trying to feel better but it's not working to well!
Thanks for thinking about me Teresa!

Anonymous said...

Diana....I hope that you begin to feel better soon. Please know that I am thinking about you....I will pray for you as you wait for the outcome of your visit to the doctor/surgeon. Waiting is hard to do....and trying to feel better when one just doesn't feel better sometimes seems impossible. Know that prayers are being lifted up for you. I send you a special smile...

Anonymous said...

Hi again, Diana. I'm back again. I clicked on the news article about the man on his trek to raise awarenss about diabetes....very nice article. I saw the photo at the beginning of your blog. I guess I need to get my eyes checked...sigh....I thought that 'blue thing' was something stuck on your windshield...perhaps a newer version of a GPS. I 'see' now that it is the ball/globe the man is pushing.. Silly me.
Nuther smile,

Diana said...

Hi Jackie, Thank you for thinking about me and the prayers are very much appreciated! I try very hard not to dwell on it.
I thought it was very funny what you said about the globe ball and thinking it was a gps on the windshield. Funny because I do things like that all the time, Katie looks at me like I am some old, crazy senile woman and then I start the hysterical laughing at myself! At least she can't say that I don't keep myself entertained!

Wanda..... said...

Hi Diana...even your replies back are funny...this high humidity would make anybody want to stay inside...I try to go out to do yard work very early...but then you have to deal with dew or wetness from overnight rain maybe...anyway I'm usually back in by 10:30...I just hit the bad spots and let the other You're not alone in letting the weeds be. Do you experience some degree of pain all the time Diana or does it come and go...hope you learn something Wed.

Your Baby Jack is very, very cute...I love that you call him that...
Take care Diana!

Diana said...

Oh Wanda I just keep hoping and praying that we get a cooler day and I'm feeling good at the same time. Ha! I too weed in the morning usually, but the humidity has been awful. I can work through that when I'm feeling better. The pain seems to not have much of a pattern. Except sometimes when I eat a full meal it hurts more. I've been eating small meals lately. There seems to be no rhyme or reason which makes it more frustrating! I think if they don't find out something soon I shall simply go insane! I will let you know. Thank you Wanda.

Eileen said...

First, I forgot to wish Jack a "Happy Birthday"!!

Second, you have me falling out of my chair laughing all the time!! I just love your humor. You just have a way of stating things and wording things, it just comes so natural to you!

You should submit a story to that website, Diana! I love the way you write. You really do remind me of Erma Bombeck, you have that quick-wit and that sort of dead pan humor like she did. And you make everyday normal situations the funniest things on earth!

Seriously, once you get your physical/medical issues under control, think about writing something, or submit something you've already written! If you read some of their articles they have a few funny ones.

Okay, feel better now and don't forget to post as soon as you know something.

Diana said...

Hi Eileen, We are going to celebrate Jackie boy's Birthday next Sunday. It will be a big birthday bash with loads of food and screaming kids. And a great time will be had by all!
The End
Thank you for enjoying my humor Eileen, I seem to be the only one that gets it most of the time so it's nice when someone can laugh with me! I will consider submitting something to that website. I did go and check it out. I just haven't been feeling very inspired lately! But I do love to write, hopefully and prayerfully I will be feeling fine again soon. I am getting behind on things and it's starting to get to me if you know what I mean! You are a good friend Eileen Thank you for that!

Bernie said...

What a wonderful weekend you had Diana, I just knew Jake would enjoy Katie's picture. I can't believe the heat you are having, it would be hard to go exercise when it's that hot, but here Curves is air conditioned. We are suppose to have warm weather until the weekend.
Happy Birthday Baby Jack, oh Eileen he is so cute....:-) Hugs

Tranquility Speaks said...

A very interesting read :) Sounded like so much fun what with the barbecues and family reunion :) Your grandson looks so cute :) Have a great day ahead!

Blessings each day said... I feel terrible about missing this post as i didn't know that your pain had continued or intensified...poor baby, but yesterday at church durin prayers of the faithful, I did mention anyone in my blogland suffering from any pain or problems, so you were covered!

My sweet mom had this problem with her gall bladder and I had that pain with the h pyloric ulcer (sent me to the EM).

Please make sure they investigate everything or even a retest if you feel uncomfortable that it could be something you suspect (I HAD to ask the doctor to test me for the h pyloric ulcer because I had just read in a magazine about it, so after a simple blood test, they knew immediately and cancelled all those other appts/tests for a regular ulcer!)

Jack is darling and it's so good to hear that all of you had a great family day.

Since Michael is an absolute movie fanatic, it's good to hear about Gran Torino, too bad they have to stick so much bad language in movies just to get the now 'coveted' R rating!!!

Will have to try that popcorn thing as we do love popcorn...any secret to making it work well ?

blessings with hugs and prayers for healing,


Jerelene said...

Oh my Diana, you and I aren't far from each other!! I'm in southern Indiana!! The heat has been so intense...I agree..our electric bills are going to be huge..but I am SO grateful to be able to stay cool. Hope you're feeling well. This heat really bothers my heart and arthritis.
Love, Jerelene

Ginny said...

That article in the Register-News is so typical. It doesn't answer half the questions I have about the guy w/ the globe. Is it hard/dangerous to find roads to push it on? Does he get honked at a lot? Where is he staying? What does he do if it rains? Etc. Etc. Sorry, I had to go off on local journalism for a second. You would expect no less from me, right?

Diana said...

Hi Jerelene, Yes the heat is very intense to say the least! And it does bother me as well with the medications that I take. Not good to get over heated. The heat doesn't bother my arthritis as much as the cold does but I do get very stiff if I don't keep working out! Take it slow Jerelene!

Diana said...

Ginny, Of coarse I wouldn't expect any less from you, you are your mother's daughter! I agree about the local paper, it is a joke and I only buy it for the ads! We did see that gentleman sleeping under a tree on someones property Saturday on the way to grandma's. He was up and walking on our way back! Love you!