Friday, June 26, 2009

" Friday Favorites "

I am generally not a fan of Fridays. If you have read my posts from the past you would know why. It is the start of the weekend. And while I enjoy having my family around me, particularly when my husband is home, weekends have always meant double the work for me. More laundry, more cooking, more dishes, more picking up, helping my husband with projects around the house, well you get the idea!

While everyone gets to sit and relax, mama is busy preparing meals and washing clothes. I guess it would be safe to say that my weekend begins on Monday! Ha! Of coarse my weekend is a little longer then everyone elses but that's o.k. , because I deserve it!

In my free time I used to crochet, all the time. I have made so many things over the years and it truly is a passion of mine. Then one day I sta
rted having a lot of pain in my right hand. Another day that hand started falling asleep at night. And you should know the rest of the story. Arthritis and carpel tunnel made themselves at home in my hand. It wasn't long after that when my left hand decided to follow suit. I guess it didn't want to be left out!

I went to the doctor and he said I crocheted too much. What the !#$& . So apparently the thing that I love to do the most, the thing that gave me so much pleasure, the thing that kept me sane, relaxed, happy and satisfied, was n
ow keeping me from sleeping at night and causing severe pain. Not to mention it was keeping me from making all of those wonderful gifts made for my loved ones! How cruel!

My doctor suggested, this was several years ago, that I start having cortisone shots. Oh Lord do I remember those first shots. I almost kicked the doctor in the shins! But a little time went by and when the shots finally kicked in, oh what a happy crocheter I was ! The shots do wear off however and after having them four times they don't last as long as they used to. They say that they can do surgery
on the hands but I just can't bring myself to do that, yet.

I have pretty much given up this passion of mine. And I have thousands of patterns. Hundreds of dollars worth of books and magazines filled with patterns. I have pretty much given up now on this passion of mine. I have taken up reading again. I gave it up when I started crocheting. And of coarse blogging has also filled this void of something to do with my hands that doesn't hurt. I also learned to sew as it doesn't hurt as much as crocheting. This however is an expensive hobby anymore.

Still there is nothing quite so satisfying to me as creating something from a ball of yarn and a needle. There are times when, throwing caution to the wind, I just can't help myself and just have at it. Recently this is just what I have done. It took me much longer than it used to but I made it through!

When I tried to find a camera case for my new camera, I was not happy with any of the choices. They just were not me! So throwing caution to the wind I brought out some crochet cotton and designed something that is a little more me. I think I shall call it " Granny Flower Camera Bag ".

It took me several weeks to make. Something that would have only taken me two days in the past. Oh well, it just made me appreciate it even more! I think it suits the little old lady in me quite well. Don't ya think?


Eileen said...

Too pretty! I love the workmanship, the detail, the colors, and it does say 'Diana'!
Seriously talented, Diana! I've always admired anyone who can do sew, crochet, etc., because when you don't possess that talent you really appreciate it so much more. My Mom used to sew a lot (by hand she made us curtains and bedspreads!) and she used to make afghans for our beds, my grandmother used to make beautiful doilies (I have some of them), and Ray's grandmother was out of this world with her talent! Your work reminds me of hers.

Sorry you can't enjoy it as you once did, but that's great that you stick with it, and little by little you have created gold!

I love the rest of your post too! I love the way you write and how you give us a glimpse of your life. It's always nice visiting here!

Oh, I was just going to say "Have a good weekend" but I guess I'll wait until Monday to say that!
'Love you favorite hobby! 'Wish you could still enjoy it as you once did.
'Love what your hands create!

Diana said...

Thank you Eileen, I forgot to mention that crocheting is an addiction for me as well. So now I am wanting to make something else!

Barb said...

Your post reminded me of The Friday Night Knitting Club which I'm reading right now. It's an entertaining fiction - you might like it - something to make you forget the heat! Also, I need to tell you that it was in the 30's when I woke up early this AM - not unusual here in the Mts of CO in the summer. I've been unable to read blogs for the past week because my best girlfriend was visiting me from AZ - so, I'm catching up this morning. I love your post about coffee. I'm the courageous sort (a strong black brew suits me). My Mother kept a pot on all day until it turned to sludge!

PS Glad you can still crochet a little bit - your bag is lovely.

Anonymous said...

Diana....I'm glad that you threw caution (and probably a bit of pain) to the wind and crocheted the bag. I like it a lot. I am a crochet'er' (is that a word???), love, love it. It is relaxing. I've made afghans for everyone except me (isn't that the way it goes.)
I'm sorry that you developed c/tunnel...and I do hope that the bit of crocheting that you will continue to do will bring you as much happiness and relaxtion as it used to do. You might not be able to do as much...but the pulling of the yarn with the hook is theraputic....slow but sure is good! Take care of you...and I hope for a quick weekendfor you....and on to Monday!!!

Bernie said...

Diana, I love the bag you made, I love anything hand made..It's lovely. My mum was very talented and creative, she sewed, knit and crochet. I don't know why I never learned, oh I can do a little bit of anything, like put stitches on a needle but not like you my friend, you have a gift.
I smiled when I read your post, at how busy you were on the weekends as I could actually see you doing laundry and making meals.
It is warm here and I love it but then it's not seriously hot like it is there.
Oh yeah, iced coffee is good, thank you my friend for recommending it.
Stay inside and enjoy your a/c
.....:-) Hugs

Blessings each day said...

okay, so now I'm thinking (another dangerous past-time of mine) what a great giveaway one of your carefully crocheted things would be for your 100th post!

And I think the beautiful cell phone holder says wild chick who throws caution to the wind, nothing less!

blessings with hugs,


Snowbrush said...

Diana, I had carpel tunnel surgery last year. It was done arthroscopically by a hand specialist. There was little pain and little recovery time--so little that I don't remember how much. The surgery completely eliminated the problem. Based upon my experience, I would highly recommend it.

Teresa said...

Hi Diana,
I love your new Camera Case! It is so cute, and so you. I used to sew and crochet, but I never really had much patience with those things, they took too long to do, and they never turned out the way I imagined they would. Once when I was in high school, I got so frustrated with a dress I was working on that I ripped it to mom banned me from sewing from that day forward.

I am sorry to hear about your carpel tunnel problem, that keeps you from doing what you love to do. How is the it still really hot? I love ice coffee too, I had it for the first time when I was visiting in California this year. Now I make it myself in the afternoons, it is my cafiene fix! When do you go for your tests again? How are you feeling? Although it has been beautiful here, we really have not had much really hot weather. Stay cool!

Diana said...

Hey Barb, Hope your visit with your friend was fun! Today is awfully hot again, next week is supposed to be in the 80's! More tolerable I suppose. My yard is crying for attention!

Hi Jackie, My husband won't be home this weekend so it won't be so busy! I do miss him while he's gone though.I do have another project in mind,as long as the hands and pain pills hold out!

Hello Bernie, My girls never picked up on the hobbies either. Katie shows interest here and there but usually ends up giving up. She does crochet dog toys for the dogs however and Ginny just got a brand new sewing machine and is taking lessons. We live to far apart for me to teach her. Although we have had some tutorials over the phone. That can be interesting!

Hello again Snowbrush, I am seriously considering the surgery at the end of this year. My husband really wants me to get it done. I am just quite a chicken about not being able to use my hand for a few weeks! My husband is gone two weeks at a time and I only have a 14 year old to help out which is a scary prospect for me!!! I am so used to doing everything for everybody. But as they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Right?

Greetings Marcy! I am way ahead of you on the give away idea. Great minds think alike!

Welcome Teresa, It is going to be in the triple digits again today but we are supposed to have relief next week. 80's all week they say. I am feeling so much better, thank you. I have one test next week to check gallbladder function, which I am sure will come out fine.I'm thinking from all of the aspirin that they had me on that it was a bad ulcer attack. I go for a scope test on July 7th to look at the stomach. But I do feel fine now. You are so sweet Teresa and I hope things start looking brighter for you. You deserve it!

Eileen said...

Diana, you have your 100th post coming too?! Okay!
Are you going to try and make my brain explode like Marcy is trying to do, with some job I have to figure out that you've done in the past?!

And the prize is one of your beautiful hand-made treasures? I think we'll all be coveting that one!

We should just do these game/give-aways for fun once in awhile. I'm really enjoying this guessing game!

Diana said...

Hi Eileen, I like the give away idea too. And as my one hundredth post is quickly approaching, I must get busy making something special! I will try not to explode your brain Eileen!

Tranquility Speaks said...

I am so sorry to hear of your arthritis and carpel tunnel syndrome! Is there a cure for the latter? People who type incessantly for long stretches of time get it too. I read about cortisone shots on Bernie's blog too. I guess that fixes arthritis and this as well. Wish there was a natural remedy and you didn't have to depend on this. But I am glad there is temporary relief if not permanent. I learnt crocheting in school and promptly forgot, but I agree it is so absorbing, as was knitting :D

Your creation is SO beautiful. WOW! It would sell for hundreds of dollars too :D

Diana said...

Dear Stillness, Thank you for your concern however it is all just part of the aging process. The sooner we get used to it the sooner we can get on with living. It's all about making adjustments. I do miss crocheting all the time but now I blog and read more. There's always room to learn more! I want to hear back from you after you have one less tooth and are feeling much better! It will be a good relief!

Eileen said...

I found weird home remedies to alleviate arthritis symptoms (you may know/have tried some already):
Avoid foods that contribute to flare-ups such as tomatoes (I have to tell Bernie that one, she eats tomato sandwiches a lot), eggplant, peppers, potatoes, milk, and citrus fruits.

Cayenne pepper applied directly to joints brings relief to some people.

Also applying alternate hot and cold packs brings relief.

Castor Oil heated, saturate flannel cloth with oil, cover with towel, apply to affected area thirty minutes. Keep cloth in zip loc bag for further use.

And some people swear they have gotten relief from wearing copper bracelets.

Okay, DON'T take two aspirin, and call me in the morning.
Dr. Eileen signing out now.

Wanda..... said...

I am tagging behind everyone today Diana...have been busy visiting with grandchildren...Your bag is very impressive...I love the sister and another friend knit and crochet...I embroider some and sew a little...but not often...would like to make a quilt one day though...Maybe limiting the days you work on something would help...Remembering to take fish oil helps with my finger pains.
Take care not to work too much!

Diana said...

Good Evening Eileen and Wanda, I have tried a lot of different things for the arthritis. I also have prosthetics that were made for my hands, they help but I can't do anything when I wear them!! I've just learned to live with it. It is why I can't crochet for more than a few minutes at a time. Sometimes I cheat and just keep going right through the pain. And thats when the carpel tunnel kicks in and I can't sleep. I have prosthetics for that too! It really stinks but like I said I've just learned to live with it! Typing doesn't bother my hands or sewing but crocheting and my other love, gardening also writing just kill me. It is kind of ironic don't ya think?

Rebecca said...

Just BEAUTIFUL, Diana. I'm envious of your knowledge/skill. I guess I could learn, but never did. I like the pattern & colors so much.

I will get the d'Engle book. I've admired her very much (from a distance, obviously). I can't wait to read it.

I hope I didn't build up the Perfect Marriage too much!

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

Just butting in to say that I had carpal tunnel surgery just over two years ago and it was the best thing I ever did.
I had suffered for years, putting off the surgery by trying splints etc, and now wish that I had it done much sooner.
I still get twinges when I crochet far too long (but that is now down to arthritis in my thumbs and wrists) so apart from that I would recommend it.
I was back to my knitting and crochet as soon as the padding came off the hand.In fact the specialist encouraged to to start using it asap after the op.

Diana said...

Dear Crochetoholic,
Thanks so much for the advice. It is something I plan on doing in the near future. I have just been having other medical problems this past year and want to get through those first! I am pretty sick of seeing the doctors and having tests!
Thank you for visiting me!