Thursday, June 18, 2009

" I'd Like to Thank the Academy, Oops, I Mean..... "

Sorry, you caught me day dreaming again! I meant to say I would like to give a big and sincere THANK YOU to Marcy from " Blessings Each Day " for her thoughtfulness. She has bestowed upon me a great honor this day.
It is the much coveted " Honest Scarp Award ".
I will be forever grateful to this warm, friendly and witty woman.
Thank you Marcy!

There are a few rules to receiving this prestigious award and they are as follows :

1. Say thank you for the award and give a link to the presenter.

2. Share ten honest things about yourself.

3. Present the award to seven other blogs.

4. Tell them of this award and the rules.

Ten Honest Things About Myself

1. I have no tolerance for people that think that they are better then somebody else. As I get older I try harder and harder not to judge. But that can sometimes be difficult when you yourself are being judged.

2. I love when I have my " hysterical fits of uncontrolled laughter ", as they feel so good, but there are times when my family gets annoyed with them.

3. I don't really care that my family gets annoyed with my " hysterical fits of uncontrolled laughter ", because they feel so good!

4. I have always wanted to go parachuting or paragliding. I have had many dreams through my life that I am flying. I would like to fly.

5. I don't like to drive. That feeling went away many, many years ago. I would enjoy a chauffeur, I think.

6. One of my worst nightmares is being in a horrible car crash.

7. I once won third place in a legs contest. Get your mind out of the gutter. It was for charity and my friend made me do it!

8. I love reading, but mostly I love reading about serial killers.

9. My fathers side of the family is directly descended from " Ivan the Terrible ".

10. I hate living in the town I live in. If I could move I would.

There you have it. The good the bad and the evil!

And now I would like to pass my crown , uh , I mean award to:

1. "Ginny from the Blog"

2. Brenda from "Bee's Nest"

3. Mary Ann from "Desperately Seeking Serenity"

4. Jackie from "Teachers Pet"

5. Garnetrose from "Garnets Garden"

6. Brin from "My Messy Thrilling Life"

7. Barb from "Live and Learn"

I do enjoy reading all of your posts.


Eileen said...

Diana, talk about hysterical with laughter! I can't stop laughing here! First, I love your post title!
And the judging, well, I hear you, sister, because I'm struggling with that myself.
And the laughter, I drive my family crazy sometimes, especially if we are out in public and I go into one of my laughing fits, I just can't stop. I guess I embarrass them!
I'm impressed that you want to 'fly'! I'm afraid to do either the driving or the flying. That should have been one of my 'honesty' things. I do not drive.
And, Diana, the legs one! I almost fell off my chair laughing when I read, "Get out of the gutter"! You should write for comedy shows! Seriously, you remind me of Erma Bombeck!
And related to Ivan The Terrible?! I guess that does explain the joy of reading about serial killers!

Another night I was feeling kind of low, but I come here and leave with a smile on my face!

Diana said...

Hi Eileen, Don't you just love those fits of laughter! Sometimes I think whats even better is the look that Katie gets on her face when I have them!Sometimes she laughs but mostly she looks at me as if I am some strange and foreign creature! It's fun to laugh.

Jerelene said...

Congrats Diana!
You are witty aren't you? I agree with Eileen, you're post title was very hilarious!
I love knowing that you were in a leg contest..that is pretty cool!!
The flying's overated!
My dad flew a 2 seater cub airplane when I was a kid. He would take off in my granparents cornfield that they made a runway in. You can just imagine!!
My flight to Italy while it was storming badly led to my not enjoying flying anymore. 8 hrs over the ocean and a very stormy, turbulent flight..can quickly change a person's mind about the joy of flight :)
Again, are very deserving of the award...I enjoy your posts and getting to know you!! You are a sweetie!!
Love, Jerelene

Blessings each day said...

What a great post, Diana...I love what you did with it from start to finish!
I love to laugh too and get goofy, which, fortunately for me, Michael likes to do also, but if Kelly is with us, she is totally mortified and embarassed!
I have dreamt of flying too and like the idea, but not a plane...nope, just me kind of like Superman, but not as zoomy.

Guess you are turning your own ancestry around from Ivan the Terrible to Diana the Nice!

blessings and hugs,


Wanda..... said...

Diana...You do have a talent for being more than just funny...there's a sarcastic wit tossed in there too...I'm still could be the next Joan Rivers.

We are a good match "Ivan the Terrible" and "Pocahontas" in our direct family tree...movies made about both...that probably does Eileen said...your "reading favorites" and my love of nature :) it's in our genes...maybe that explains your cackling too when cooking sometimes...remembering that makes me smile are funny in your posts!

Smile and take care Diana!

Diana said...

Thank you Jerelene, I have flown many times, and on turbulent flights. The longest flight I was on was eight hours, that was awful! I meant that I would love to physically fly like a bird!When I dream of this, it feels like I am really flying.It's super cool!!!!

Diana said...

Dear Marcy, I try so hard not to follow in Ivans footsteps, but sometimes when I'm driving, well lets just say it's not pretty!

Diana said...

Hi Wanda, I don't know about the cackling being related to Ivan. But it could explain why I always wanted to be a which for Halloween! If the shoe fits, they say!

Rebecca said...

Here's where we DIFFER...I don't think I could ever in a million years parachute! And I DO like to drive - so much so that I would rather drive than be a passenger! And I'm OK with the town I live in. (But then I've been OK everywhere I've lived - and that's been a lot of places! One reason I'd like to move is to live overlooking a body of water - river, lake, stream, puddle even! It's fun getting to know you and sharing interests in common.

Mary Ann said...

Diana, I enjoyed reading your list and am looking forward to checking out the other blogs you listed. Thank you so much for including mine! Oh, and good luck with the flying... :)

Diana said...

Ah Rebecca if you read my past post's you would know that I too would love to live on the water. Preferably the ocean but I wouldn't be choosy. My cousin lives on a beautiful lake and I would love to be her neighbor!

Diana said...

Hi Mary Ann, Thank you and I always look forward to reading your posts. Did you know that yours was one of the very first blogs that I came across that I liked? So you have a lifelong follower!

Anonymous said...

Hi Diana...Thank you for the award. I'm sweating coming up with the "10" things.... but you know how I feel about your number 4. Remember what I said in an earlier blog....If you see me falling from a plane, I was PUSHED!! Thank you very much Diana. I love being here; I feel I am among friends.

Barb said...

Dear Diana,
You're so kind to include me. I'm embarrasses to tell you I can't accept because I don't think I have 7 blogger friends on whom to bestow the honor. Gosh - what does that say about me? Now I'm kinda worried - I need to be making more friends out there in Blogdom! Your posts are delightful, and I enjoyed learning more about you. Perhaps you can move to CO sometime - low humidity, cool all summer, AND lots of weeds!

Bernie said...

Congratulations Diana, well deserved my friend. I am still chuckling over your answers, what a wonderful sense of humor you have and oh yes I agree with Wanda, you could be another Joan Rivers. Why don't you like where you live? That has been on my mind since I read your post. I have always believed one can be happy wherever one is, but that's the Pollyanna in me LOL
Have a great day ...:-) Hugs

Diana said...

Hi Jackie, I really do enjoy your blog as I said before! Just take your time you'll come up with ten things. I wish that you would write more, maybe tells us some school stories!

Hi Barb, Your blog is beautiful and I love reading about Lucinda! I have cousins that live in Colorado too. And you are right that weather sounds perfect for me!

Hi Bernie, I am happy with my home and family. I just wish we lived in a different town. There are a few things I like about it and if we hadn't moved here my son would have never met his wife and I wouldn't have her and my beautiful grandchildren. So I wouldn't change that.And it would take far to long to explain why I don't like it here. So I will spare you the boring details!

Teresa said...

Hi Diana,
Congrats on your award, and I have one for you too, if you would like to accept. I loved the ten honest things about you...I too, love reading about "serial killers", and I have no idea where that facination came from, but lately, I have been having some bad dreams about them, and it is scaring the crap out of me. I don't even watch CSI anymore, and I have stopped watching the news.... anyway, your laugh does not bother me a bit, and when we take that Roller Coaster ride, you can laugh all you want!!! Smiles and (((HUGS))) T

Unknown said...

OH MY GOSH ERMA: You make my day! Whenever I read about you it amazes me at how similiar our likes and dislikes are, we must be kindred sisters! I too dream of flying, like taking a leap and just flying, and I too have a horrible fear of dying in a horrible car crash! I have been so sick the last 24 hours I haven't been able to even read a post...but I am trying to catch up today. I guess the cruise finally caught up with me...