Monday, June 8, 2009

" She's Back ! "

Our Katie has returned ! And she was so worn out ! My husband and I left Saturday afternoon for St. Louis airport to pick her up. I took a photo of the Southern Illinois landscape for Linda from her " Been There Done That " blog, so that she can see how Southern Illinois looks in comparison to Utah! So Linda when you get back from your leisurely cruising around Alaska, keep those beautiful pix of Utah coming, I need them!

This was Katie's first trip ever on an airplane. I thought she would be more excited about it. She seemed more tired of sitting for so long than anything. Two layovers, one in Baltimore and one in Chicago. Her main comment about the flight was " If you ever need to find a ball field, go to Baltimore or Chicago, there are hundreds of them!". Her Daddy and I were very excited to see the plane arrive just a few minutes late. Five minutes and my husband was getting nervous! Ginny and Daniel kept Katie very busy and happy. They made some wonderful memories for her. What a fantastic graduation gift they gave her!

You can see the happy sisters at Raleigh/Durham airport waiting for Katie to board. Ginny was crying when her sister left. They really are close, despite the miles and years that separate them. They talk nearly everyday. I am grateful to Ginny for keeping that bond with her younger sister.

Here is a photo of me for Marcy from her " Blessings Each Day " blog. We are both previous Chicago girls, and I didn't want her to feel that she was the only silly woman in the blog world. This photo confirmed my husbands thoughts about my craziness! In my defense, I was quite excited about picking my Katie up from her trip!

Here is a photo of my handsome hubby, Jake , in what he would call " his natural habitat " behind the wheel. On the way to the airport!

This photo is for Bernie from her " On My Own " blog. My antenna ball that doesn't fit on my antenna ! This is just how my life is most day's! Trying to make it fit! I found it in my glove
box and thought of you Bernie, my new comrade in fitness!

This photo is for Mary Ann from her blog " Desperately Seeking Serenity ". I thought of her also as we drove through St. Louis. It just so happens that the day she took her walk with her friend she forgot her camera. So here you go Mary Ann. The Arch!

I took a photo of Katie when she got off the plane. She did not like it so I am not allowed to post it. Yes my Katie is back. Happy one minute, mad the next! I didn't miss the mood swings but I did miss the young woman. And I am glad that she is back.

I have two more photo's to post. These are for Eileen from her blog " Umma's World " I promised her I would post photo's of my owl night light that was my great
grandmother, Earlie May's. Eileen has a thing for owls. So here you go Eileen, Whooo, Whooo!!!

Well there you have it. A silly post from a silly woman! And while I realize I left some of my blogger friends out of this post today, not to worry, as the old Led Zeppelin song says, " Your Time Is Gonna Come" !

Check out my daughter Ginny's , " Ginny From The Blog " blog for more vacation photo's!


Eileen said...

Diana, I'm so happy for you! Your girl is back, things are normal again, and all is right with the world! WONDERFUL!!

And thank you for being so good and posting all those great pictures for us all to enjoy!
I LOVE THE OWL!! That was sweet of you to think of me. That was sweet of you to think of us all! But I'm not surprised because you're a very sweet person.

I love that picture of you on the road, you look so happy and excited. Really beautiful, I enjoyed this post so much!

Thanks for always sharing your life with us!

Oh! And I like you new profile picture too, Diana!
And I love that you are in your kitchen, the heart of the home, and the kitchen with those beautiful colors that are dear to my heart!

Teresa said...

Hi Diana,
It was really nice to see you in your photos, you look so happy to have your daughter back...I am sure it was a good break for you all, but coming home is ever so sweet. Looks like your new camera has come in handy, and please keep taking pictures! I love your 'Curve Ball' and I bet Bernie is going to be asking for one of those! I still have some items from Curves, like my purple T Shirt that says 'Amaze' on it. One of my friends in California, owns a couple of Curves places, so my friend Nancy and I always go when I visit. I really loved that owl too!

Bernie said...

Diana, I have been thinking about Katie coming home for a couple of days now. So glad she had such a great time and that she arrived home safe and sound. Life is good!
Oh I do like that Curves ball...thanks for the shout out.
I didn't find your blog silly at all, I really enjoyed it. Thank you my friend for sharing....:-)Hugs

Blessings each day said...

You did so good, Diana, something special for lots of people!! I really did like your crazy picture and that little owl night light is so cute that I would sure like it too! What a great idea to take pictures of it lit and unlit!!

Are you sure you can't poke a hole in that Curves ball and fit it on your antenna?

blessings and hugs,


Wanda..... said...

Love your new profile photo Diana and such a happy post today with Katie back home safe and sound...We have a Katie also...who was a little poutty too at times when younger...but now at 16 delightfully give your Katie time and just smile...that's what we did!

I will go visit Ginny's blog next!

Take care Diana!

Mary Ann said...

Wow, thank you for the photo of the Arch! I love it.

I'm glad your daughter arrived safely.

I hope you feel better soon!