Sunday, June 21, 2009

" I'm Not Interested In Any Worms "

Who was it that said, " The Early Bird Catches the Worm "? I would like to meet this person. I would like to meet this person and ask " Are You Insane " ? I am an early riser by nature, and I am a morning person. Even in the summer I rarely sleep much past six a.m.

This morning however I arose at 4:10 a.m. . I tried to go back to sleep as I kept hearing the voices of several middle aged to seniors that I've crossed paths with in my life saying " The older I get, the less I sleep. " or " I don't need that much sleep anymore. "

Well I've got news for all of those people, I DO NEED SLEEP ! I like sleeping. And I am not interested in catching any stupid worm! I tried falling back to slee
p but usually if I wake up after 4:00 a.m. I have a difficult time going back to sleep. So I will just walk around like a zombie from "Night of the Living Dead " all day!

O.K. that is enough. My poor baby Spooky was not feeling good all week. We discovered upon examination that he had an infected tooth or gum. Our vet is open on Saturdays at 7:30 so about 10 minutes past 7:oo we went in search of the big lover boy. Because he was sick he was nowhere to be found. Cats tend to hide or go off somewhere when they think they are going to die. Spooky can be a little dramatic at times. Anyway, after waking Kate up for help, It took us 45 minutes to find him! So much for getting to the vet. before anyone else! No matter though as he has his meds now and already seems to be doing better!

After that little adventure into the animal kingdom, we decided to take a ride out to mom's house. I couldn't get a great photo of this guy, as we were traveling too fast for me to be camera ready, but from what I've been told he is traveling across the country for a cause. I am not sure what that cause is. I vaguely remember hearing about him somewhere. He is pushing a giant inflatable ball of the Earth. He has a dog with him and carries a back pack. Kate and I had seen him in town the day before but I didn't have my camera with me.

Once we got to mom's house we had a nice little visit. My mother collects angels. She has many, many angels. This is only one of the many sections of angels mom has hanging everywhere! My mother always has an angel watching over her. Literally! My husband, Katie and I visited and had tea. Jake hooked up her digital converter box for her to her bedroom t.v. Because our government doesn't dictate at all about how things will be done. It is a completely democratic society.

The opinions expressed by this blogger are just that and should not be taken to seriously!

More angels! Mom is an angel herself .

And now, in honor of Fathers Day, a little poem for my husband, Jake.

You can be rough and gruff and opinionated too,
still I cherish the day that I met you.

Many good times and bad times have come and gone,
but you've always been there to sing my song.

For you there is nothing that I wouldn't do,

as I know for me, you feel the same way too.

You are the hardest working man I know,
all the while keeping your family in tow.

You've made me laugh, you've made me cry,
but ultimately you make me sigh.

The happiness you've given me I cannot measure,
But it's all of the days that I will treasure.

For me there is no better man than you,
forever faithful , forever true.

Happy Fathers Day, I love you.


Eileen said...

I love this whole post! I love your humor! I agree with your government position! I loved the pictures! I LOVED the visit with Mom and her angels! And I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED your poem/tribute to your husband!

I love visiting here with you each day!

I do not love blogger at times! It never tells me when anyone has posted a new post! And sometimes it won't let me comment! And at times it says I can't even post on my own blog! Oh well.

Have a great day, Diana!
Love, Eileen

Diana said...

Hi Eileen, Thanks for loving my posts! I love visiting you too and I also love your posts! I do not love blogger either at times, especially when I post pictures and have to continually redo my font size every time I make a mistake!!!!
I hope your husband has a wonderful Fathers Day!

Garnetrose said...

Great post. Too bad you could not get a better pic of the guy with the inflatable globe. It sounds as though you have a wonderful family and I do understand about your ventures into the animal world...I have five cats and four dogs and they can be adventerous at times.

Diana said...

Hello Garnetrose, Glad to hear from you again! Ah yes the animals. They are so much fun but take so much care! I also have five cats but only two dogs. We had eight cats at one time but they got old and passed. Our oldest one now is 19 years. She is showing her age but still happy and healthy!
I actually did find the story and a better photo of that gentleman. I am going to try to post it tomorrow, time willing. I will tell you though that he is walking for diabetes.

Tranquility Speaks said...

Thank you so very much Diana for the follower bit! You're talking about aged people sleeping less! I'll let you in on a lil secret, I am not all that old, and there are times when I am up and about at 3:30 in the morning, and feeling so refreshed!! I told a friend about this, and I was advised to have a cup of warm milk before I go to bed. It sure helps. Trust me :D

Diana said...

Hello Stillness, And thank you for visiting. Your advice was very good and while I do appreciate it, I can't stand milk. Crazy I know but I make up for it by eating cottage cheese and yogurt. Sometimes I can doze back off but most of the time I just go with it!
I used to fix warm milk with a dab of butter,a bit of sugar and a sprinkling of cinnamon and nutmeg for my kids when they were little. They just loved it!

Bernie said...

Super post Eileen, I enjoyed your visit with your mum. Wish you lived closer I'd have your husband do the same with my TV's. I do hope he has a great Father's Day, loved your poem. I love happy couples. Hope the cat's tooth is better. Have a great day my friend and just go with the flow when you wake up early, the body will let you know when to rest....:-) Hugs

Blessings each day said...

Sorry to hear about Spooky's problems and so good that you got it taken care of! Wonder if he's as much fun as our cats are for trying to get medicine in them??!!

And even though I am very much a morning person, I do not like it when my internal clock wakes me up after only five hours of sleep!!

So neat to get to peek inside your mom's place and so sweet that she collects angels.

Your poem was just too cute...think you need to keep this've got talent, girlfriend.

Right now I am NOT a happy camper with our computers, much less blogspot (which likes to regularly give me hissy fits).

For example, after several attempts, plus getting kicked off one time, I am finally in here, but only on Michael's computer!! And BOTH computers are connected at the same point!!

Have a wonderful day!!

blessings and hugs,


Wanda..... said...

Diana you have some poem writing ability to go along with that humor of yours...
hope your cat is better and not hiding any more...
Your mom has more angels than most stores...Does she know how many she has...I have 8 or 10 maybe...

Take care Diana.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhh....poor Spooky. Cats do have a way of making themselves scarce when they don't feel well. I hope that all is well with Spooky soon. That was a wonderful poem about your husband. He sounds like a terrific guy.
Now....let's talk about your rising soooo early in the morning.I am a LATE sleeper and a night owl....I guess the world is made up of all types. Somebody has to be on the 'puter' in the wee hours of the morning (on this side of the world...I know that someone is always on it, because I could hardly get on it today...bizzzy, bizzzy, bizzzy. I don't give up, though.)
P.S. I think warm milk would make me throw up (is that too strong for a blog....OK....ignore that...I think warm milk would make me sick. How's that.) But if it works for Stillness, then it is a good thing. I'm sure I would be up even later....taking Pepto Bismol to alleviate the warm milk.
Thanks for sharing the information about your Mother's angels...

Barb said...

WOW! Between Katie's photo and your poem, your husband must feel like a King at your house! Fun post.

Diana said...

Hello Bernie, I have been just going with the flow. What other choice is there really? Part of the problem is not feeling good, Wednesday is the day for the other doctor, I am keeping my spirits up til then!

Hi Marcy, Spooky has been a trooper, he is so easy going. He takes the medicine well. The problem is getting him out from under the bed!! He's huge. We have Charter high speed and haven't had a problem with the internet just the computer from time to time!

Howdy Wanda, I'm glad you liked my poem. I just write what pops in my head. I have to ask mom if she knows how many angels she has. There were way more then I even took pictures of!

Hola Jackie, I was amazed when Jake and I looked at spookys gum a little bit ago. It isn't nearly as red and swollen as it was yesterday. And he finally came up in bed with me last night for the first time in over a week. He always lays in bed with me, and when he stopped it made me suspicious. I felt so much better that he was there!

Bonjour Barb, Wow it's kinda difficult coming up with a different greeting for each of you! I don't know if my hubby felt like a king today but he did have a pretty good day until he had to leave for work! Glad you stopped by!

Adisha said...

Such a sweet poem... And loved your take on the early mornings and Spooky's adventures... Your mom is very lucky to have angels around her all the time ... :)

First visit here and it was a pleasure ... Take care and keep smiling . Hope you had a good night's sleep the next day :D

Diana said...

Good Morning Adisha, I'm happy to have you stop by! Thank you for your nice words about my poem. I did manage to sleep until 6:30 this morning, I am happy about that! Hope you can stop back by!