Friday, June 12, 2009

" It's Only June !"

I'm bored. I'm bored, I'm bored, I'm bored.
No, I'm not bored but it is summer again so Katie is. I hear her declaration of boredom several times each day. It really doesn't help that she was able to go to Raleigh,N.C. with her sister the first week that school was let out. Constant visual and physical stimulation for a week and then, BAM, as Emeril
would say, right back to small town life. Culture shock to a degree. And when I said as much, I was told " I don't want to learn a new word! ".
What happened to enjoying the lazy part of summer? I tried to explain that she needs to learn to enjoy not having a schedule and the fine art of relaxation. Katie likes to read, but not now. I suggested starting a journal. Not interested. I offered to teach her how to crochet. She shot me a look as if I had said something totally disgusting. I offered to go for a walk. No response. I know , The Air Force band is going to be playing down the street at the old theater, we could walk there together and check them out. I'll admit this is one I really wanted to do. But didn't want to go alone. Another " You're kidding me right? " look. I almost called my friend, Shelly after that to see if she was game.
O.K. what else can I suggest? Why don't you call one of your friends to come over and hang out or I can take you to a friends house to hang out for awhile? This is what we did at Katie's age. We took turns at each others house's each day and just did the girl talk thing. Laugh a lot. Talk about boys of course. Maybe walk and talk about
boys. She wasn't on that suggestion either.
This is becoming a challenge. How about we play a game. Dominoes, clue, rummy, trivial pursuit, monopoly? No response. A little later howe
ver she did say that she forgot how to play dominoes. Could she be showing some interest? I suggested that we could play on the front porch so we would have plenty of room to spread the dominoes. There was no response.
She suggested taking the dogs for a ride in the car. I told her I would be willing but not while it was dark out. It was evening by now and I don't care for driving at night.
We have discussed the fact that 14 is sort of an in between age. You're too old for little girl things , yet too young for big girl things. We als
o live in a town where there really isn't much to do, at least for her age group.
Frank, my son and his wife Amy are going camping Sunday
and said that Kate could come along. I guess Frank forgot our camping trip! She seemed receptive to that idea. She would like to babysit over the summer, but we don't know of anyone who may need her services. She babysat last summer for a month and did well with it. It seems that people in today's world use daycare, or really need to know someone personally first. Which I totally understand. I suggested that she call the family that she babysat for last summer to see if they may need her again. No reply.
I have put her to work around here but she still says " It's boring ", Your kidding me right? Housework boring? Bite your tongue child! In response to this I said " Yes it can be boring (although in reality, I love it!) but it's an a
lternative to sitting and doing nothing!"
By this time I am getting a bit of a sweet tooth. All this discussion of boredom is boring me right into wanting something sweet. Whats that old saying? " Necessity is the mother of invention?" I don't know if this actually pertains to my, our sweet tooth, but it did get my wheels to turning. How about if we cook some sugar? I thought if we caramelized it and poured it over popcorn, well , maybe we would have caramel corn. Want to give it a try? Finally, she was all for trying that. This I should have known would work. My husband has long since learned that when Katie is down, the key to lifting her spirits, if only temporarily, is to break out the sweets. So off to the kitchen we went. I told her what to do, even though I myself had never tried this. She did all of the cooking while I walked the dogs. That part I liked! When the sugar was all caramelized it looked so good that this silly 51 year old woman reached down into the pot with her finger, as my Katie was saying, " No don't it's hot!" Right into the hot caramelized mixture my finger went. So as the sugar mixture hardened on my finger, and I was standing there feeling the fool in pain, Katie says " Mom, your 51 years old, don't you know any better?". As I was reaching for the aloe plant I keep in the kitchen, because you never know when someone might do something stupid, I said " Even 51 year old's do dumb things!". In my defense, it looked to good to resist. Well I know better now. Think before you act, right?
I put the popcorn in the microwave. I would have made real popcorn but I didn't have any. When it was finished , Katie drizzled the melted sugar all
over the hot popcorn. All the while Ruby and Roxy are having a fit from the smell of the popcorn! Kate and I went into the living room and sat on the couch together to share our treat. The popcorn mixture did stick together a little as it cooled, but it was sooooo good,we couldn't stop eating it.

One of Ruby's favorite treats is popcorn. I don't give the dogs people food very much. Just some raw vegetables. They love baby carrots! But I do make an exception with popcorn. I always make them wait until we are done before we give them a piece or two. If I didn't make them wait they would not control themselves. Well Ruby wouldn't. Roxy has more manners. Ruby gets a crazed look of anticipation.

Roxy is much more well behaved. Not to worry, they both got a piece!

The popcorn seemed to do the trick in more ways then one. If only temporarily. It seems that I am going to have to get a little more creative with ideas this summer! Maybe keeping it simple is the key. I do believe that I will bring this summer time dilemma to prayer. Any Ideas?


Eileen said...

Oh, that's such a hard age!
But a weekly, or bi-weekly caramelized popcorn and a movie maybe would take care of a day or two anyway. And if she would get into a few good books that would wile away the hours in such a productive way! What about Teresa's dream board project? Or how about a memory board project ~ of her elementary school years, or any nice memories? Or if she has an interest in photography, maybe she could do a photo album of things she found interesting and photographed this summer? Or how about scrap booking? Does she have any interest in that? Although, that can get expensive. But if you have odds and ends around the house that she could use, it could be fun.
She'll probably turn her nose up at all those suggestions, but it's worth a try.
Good luck with this, Diana! I'll say a prayer!
Thinking of you often, Eileen

Blessings each day said...

How well I remember my own saying they were bored and what could they do!!

Does she like to draw or sketch or has she tried it?

How about if she writes down all the things she'd like to do this summer and then together you decide the doable ones or how to accomplish the others?

You could check the Internet for nearby free things to do and you might if ask her to please do something you want to many times, those experiences turn out to be something the child really ended up liking after all!

blessings and hugs,


now you have ME hungry for popcorn!

Diana said...

Well Eileen I think I may suggest the dream board idea.She already has her bedroom wall as a memory board she is continually adding photos to. She wants to be a photojournalist,her sister is a journalist so two would be great in the family! She hangs all of her photos on the wall. I will suggest the scrapbook as well Thank you and keep the ideas coming, please!

Diana said...

Yes Marcy she likes to draw. She has won an award in art club.I will suggest maybe getting a sketch pad but I think she has one. Maybe she forgot.
I like the list idea, she may go for that too. I will suggest it.
There are free things to do around here but most are for little kids or grown ups. And like the Air Force band, if it's something I want to do, I may as well forget it. But you have given me a glimmer of hope to work from. I will start today. And as I told Eileen, keep those ideas coming. Much thanks!!!

Bernie said...

Eileen why don't you both make a project out of enjoying the summer. You both make a list and then go through them together deciding what among the list you both would enjoy, then make plans who is responsible for making the lunch or buying the tickets etc. So many things are free in the summer, farmer's markets, garage sales, free shows at the malls, make up counters offer free facials, I am sure you will find these and many more things in your local paper. Summer can be fun when it is shared, I don't think Katy is the type that you can tell her to do anything but perhaps by asking and encouraging her input you both could have fun this summer. Sure hope so. I use to enjoy going with my Dad to read headstones (I know, I know) and going to watch local softball games, mum and I loved quilt fairs even as a teenager, I loved the summer but then I lived quite close to the beach as well. I was always ready to spend the day with my friends or family. We weren't allowed to say we were bored, it was a rule. Every time we did we were given "something" to do like weed the garden, mow the lawn etc. Mum never failed following this rule, so we all learned early never to say we were bored. I wasn't long learning as when I said it the first time our garbage had just been picked up and I had to wash the bins. yuk! I still remember that day. Good Luck, it is hard to be a mother of a teenager but it's also hard being a teenager. Have a great weekend my friend......:-) Hugs

Diana said...

Ah Bernie so right you are about everything. Kate is the most stubborn person I have ever known. Really. We did the same thing every time we heard I'm bored out of the kids and it worked until Katie.It does no good with her. She is such a different kind of person. Somewhat dark I want to say, yet I can see light beyond the shadows if you know what I mean? I do like your idea with making a list of things we both would like to do. Our town is quite small however and really doesn't offer a lot of activity. There are places further away but with the cost of gas, I can't always be driving everywhere. I have come up with several ideas but mostly they get shot down. I am not giving up. Hopefully soon we can go to the beach at least, but first I need to get rid of this pain.I think we will make a list.That is a good idea. Feel free to come up with more!

Wanda..... said...

Hi Diana...
maybe Katie would like to start an "art journal"...there's lots of web sites and blogs explaining how and showing doesn't have to be an artist to create something of's a way of expressing how you feel through drawings, doodles, painting, words, or anything you want.

If you have a library...drop her off there...sometimes they need volunteers...especially during the summer reading programs...Our library even has movies to borrow...

Our katie would be doing the same complaining if she weren't babysitting...the School's PTO connected her with a family last year for a summer's the same family this year.

Katie was into beads and macrame for awhile...even made me a bracelet that I still wear.

There are all types of puzzle books and magazines to have laying around that she might just pick up and get lost in.

Hope she doesn't stay bored long!

Diana said...

Well Wanda I'm beginning to think that Katie doesn't know what she wants! We do go to the library, it's a block from our house. I love it there, Katie only enjoys renting movies and cd's anymore. I will keep on trying, all of your suggestions are great and hopefully I can get her to try something new! Thank you Wanda.

Teresa said...

Hi Eileen,
I think that it would be fun to work out with your daughter, sign her up a Curves, or take a dance class together, or YOGA class. Or buy a workout video. Or maybe even swimming, or golf, or anything active that will tire her out. : ) I always tried to keep my kids active , and helped with their attitudes, especially in their teens.

Brenda said...


I have been away from the computer for a few days and am catching up . . .

Katie will find her way. Your suggestions were great--it isn't you. Our responsibility is not to entertain but to help our kids become independent and learn how to make it on their own. I am not unsympathetic to Katie. It is hard to come back to real life after a fun vacation and adventure but life is not all highs. You are a good mama.

Diana said...

Hi Brenda,
Once again your trip really looked fun! Thank you for the encouraging words about Katie.
You are right about me not having to provide constant entertainment but she sure is good at making me feel guilty!
But I did realize that even being sick, I have suggested so many things. I am beginning to think she doesn't want to do them because I suggest them!
Either way, she's camping right now with my son and his family so once again I have a break,It's nice!