Monday, June 15, 2009

" Rainy Days and Mondays - Just Call Me Crazy ! "

Can you here the Carpenters singing this famous song now? " Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down". This was going through my mind all morning as it is a rainy day today. It is also Monday. But even though this is the tune of the day in my brain, I am not down. No, as a matter of fact I took a stroll in my yard today with umbrella in hand to take a few photos. The photo above I shall call " Wet Roses "!

This photo is a self portrait. It is one of my favorite photos. My stunning beauty just overwhelms me everyday! Actually this photo was taken two summers ago when I took my granddaughter Sarah to the park. It was an extremely hot summer day and I was amazed at my granddaughters ability to run gigantic laps around the park in 90 plus degree weather! She gave me her sunglasses to hold for her so she wouldn't lose them. I didn't lose them. I wore them. And I didn't care who saw me. Just call me crazy. There is something about having gone through menopause that can be very liberating!

An overview shot of the lilies, and the weeds. I love the weeds. They never give up. Weeds persevere. They always give us something to do outside. Weeds are very at home in our gardens. What a wonderful compliment they pay to us each and everyday. Rain or shine. Wind and hail. They are always there for us. Weeds are trustworthy. We can always rely on weeds. I guess you could say, that weeds are our friends.

Here we have the lovely Cone flowers. They are nearly as tall as me! Well it's not as if I were ten feet tall so I guess to all of you flower experts it's no surprise. I do believe that they are at least three feet high. My secrets out. I'm a munchkin!

This little beauty is, I have to say, my favorite flower. At least to date. It is a Cosmo. I bought a package of seeds last year as I thought they were so pretty. Several of them came up. Early this spring I noticed these tiny little sprigs popping through the same spot that I had the Cosmos planted last year. I thought that I recognized the sprigs as the Cosmos from the previous year so I let them be. It wasn't long before I knew that they were indeed the Cosmos. I don't remember them being a perennial. But who am I to question Mother Natures hand?

There were so many of them popping through. I had a lot of thinning out and transplanting to do. So now I have this glorious little flower all over my yard and in planters. I prefer to think of them as a gift from God.

Lilies in the rain.

My last flower photo today is my Lantana. I purchase and plant this flower every year. I plant it in the same spot year after year. The Lantana grows very large. It's branches have been as much as four feet long. It is situated directly across from my kitchen window where you will forever find me doing dishes. And year after year our little Hummingbirds return to these red Lantanas and the red Cannas which grow right next to my kitchen window.
The Hummingbirds will sometimes come right up to the kitchen window as if to greet me. This takes my breath away, year after year!

Then God said, "Let the land produce vegetation: seed-bearing plants and trees on the land that bear fruit with seed in it, according to their various kinds."
And it was so. The land produced vegetation: plants bearing seed according to their kinds and trees bearing fruit with seed in it according to their kinds. And God saw that it was good.

Genesis 1:11-12


Eileen said...

What a very pretty post! I enjoyed each and every picture, especially the wet roses, and the weeds (I'm funny that way), and most especially the pink glasses!
You have a very pretty garden with such a variety of flowers and color! I like it A LOT.
And I seriously do like the weeds. My husband freaks out if he sees even one little clover on our front lawn. My brother's lawn next door is pure clover! And, to tell you the truth, I think it looks so pretty. And I love when I see yellow dandelions on a green lawn, it's so, so pretty! And then when they turn to dust flowers ~ BEAUTIFUL! Raymond thinks I'm nuts! Well, I guess I am a little.

Nice post, Diana, I enjoyed it.
Oh, and it's raining here again too for the tenth day in a row! Well, we did have sun for an hour or two at least today, and yesterday afternoon too, so I should 'quit my bellyaching' as my Mom used to say.

How are you feeling?
Love and Prayers,

Anonymous said...

Hi Diana....I love looking at your flowers. They are so pretty. I was looking for 'flowers we have in common' (which is hard for me because I have so few...) but I do have Lantana. Mine is yellow...and it comes back every year without being replanted....and it gets thicker and thicker. I wonder if it is the climate difference? (You can tell my green thumb isn't green...I have so many questions...) I love the cone flowers, too. I love the way the petals turn their faces toward the earth.

Diana said...

Well Eileen My husband too thinks I am nuts because I have a whole section in my yard that I do not allow him to trim. There are certain weeds there that just make it look very natural,unmanicured! I am glad you enjoyed the photos thank you!
I feel a little better but the pain is still pretty constant. I'm supposed to go see a specialist yuck, I'm trying not to think about it!

Diana said...

Hi Jackie, You are right about the Lantanas. They are perennials but not here it gets to cold in the winter. Same with the Cannas, we have to dig them up every year and store them over winter. My husband just loves that job! Actually I think he really likes it! Shhh!

Annette said...

It's been a while since I've casually walked in the rain with an umbrella. I'm usually making a mad dash to the car when it rains. Enjoyed your post as always!

Wanda..... said...

Hi Diana
I like walking in the rain too...even with an umbrella though my hair kinks up. Your rain is headed my way...we have really had more than our share of it.
Your self portrait showed a flamboyant side...the glasses could be your own...they looked really good on you!

Your Lilies are so perfectly white and purple coneflowers are a favorite of mine, though mine aren't blooming just yet...I planted Cosmos this year too and
I have my husband trim around the wild daisies that pop up in the grass...they are weeds to some, but they are just too pretty to cut.
Hope your specialist appointment is soon...take care Diana.

Pat - Arkansas said...

Thanks for hopping over from Jackie's place to visit my Squirrel vs. Bird Feeder post. Come again any time!

I love your photos in the rain. Your lilies are beautiful, as is the Lantana, and everything else... including the weeds. I admire your attitude concerning weeds. They are ever with us. If it were not for weeds. especially "ground ivy", where I am supposed to have a lawn, I might have no green at all.

I think you look just spiffy in your granddaughter's glasses!

Blessings each day said...

You did such a great job with those photos, Diana! Boy, your "Easter" lily is so gorgeous...I have never had luck getting one to come back the next year and bloom!

Have you considered getting a pair of those cool pink glasses for yourself? Then EVERYONE could go oooh ahhh, or are you afraid to make too many people jealous??

Love your attitude toward the weeds, but I don't dare tell Michael or we'd have ALL weeds!!

Sorry to hear you're still in pain but I did pray for you tonight!

blessings and hugs,


Jerelene said...

What pretty pictures. I used to have Lantanas every year. They are just so beautiful!!
It's been raining a lot here too!
I loved the picture of you with the pink glasses!! Very pretty!! It's nice when we have a special memory to go with it:)
I loved the verse about not worrying..I think I needed to hear that today..THANK YOU!!
Love, Jerelene

Bernie said...

Diana, what a lovely day you had walking in the rain and looking at those beautiful flowers. I really love your choice of flowers and your photo's of them were great. I chuckled at your self portrait, I thought it was a great picture of you then I read your explanation, too funny.
Hope you are feeling better and your specialist appointment will be very soon. We want you without pain my friend, you are very special to us........:-) Hugs

Rebecca said...

It was good to have you stop by! If you came from Marcy's, you were laughing BEFORE you got to my blog :) Don't you love her pursuit of good, clean humor!

I agree with your statement about having gone through menopause being liberating....

I'll look forward to reading more about "your world" and exchanging words of encouragement now and then!

Brenda said...

My hubby and I also took a walk in the rain on Saturday. It was so pretty and fresh. Your flowers are beautiful. I hope you are feeling better.

Ginny said...

I loved the paragraph you wrote about weeds. Very funny. I assume you were being sarcastic. Also, the photo of the cone flowers is very cool looking!

Blessings each day said...

Hey Diana,

How about joining in on a random poem on Wednesday, sort of like we do favorites on Friday??

It doesn't have to be long or big or serious or what ever.

blessings with hugs,


Unknown said...

Hi Wanda! I am back from Alaska and sorting through pictures all 334 of them! I will never decide what to post! I loved your blog today! LOVED IT! I am a little envious of blogs lately. I know everyone has a camera much better than my little 7.1 megapixel camera. Until I can upgrade I am coveting everyone elses camera's and breathtaking pictures! You had a wonderful post today and I am trying to catch up on all my favorites that I have missed in the last 10 days! I will be posting soon again...I hope!

Unknown said...

OH MY GOODNESS Diana, I called you Wanda.....because I just read hers! But...all I said was meant for you Diana! wonderful beautiful post....lololol and you think you are crazy ! HA!