Thursday, June 18, 2009

" Yuck ! "

This morning I must complain. While I consider myself to be mostly optimistic, yesterday and today reminded me why summer is not my favorite season. Yes you heard me correctly. Summer is not my favorite season. It seems to me that everyone I know or know of, thinks that summer is the best time of all.
I am not totally indifferent to summer, it's just not my
favorite season. So to keep you from running and screaming from this blog thinking " What kind of crazy woman is this that doesn't like summer? " There are a few things that I do enjoy about this season!

I do for example, enjoy the obvious beauty of this season. I'm no photographer but I did manage to catch these two playing on my Coneflowers yesterday. And as you know I even enjoy the weeds. That is, when it isn't so stiflingly hot out that I can't do anything about it. I don't tolerate the heat and humidity well at all. So when it hits here in southern Illinois, I have to go inside and stay inside.

I also enjoy being able to see family more often. I love not having to go to bed early and wake up before dawn. And I treasure the times that my husband and I are able to spend time together outside. Weather permitting of course!

So there you have it ! Go ahead take your name off of my followers list. Walk away shaking your head in disbelieve. I'll take my chances. But remember if you do walk away, you'll never know what are my favorite seasons!


Blessings each day said...

You don't scare me...think I'll hang around for the long haul!

You took some great photos and I do love butterflies!

Michael thinks that I love the heat because I get chilled so easily...nope, the heat exhausts me and I can get little done. I like summer and picnics and veggies ripening in the garden, but NOT the heat...even my weed pulling (put your hands over your ears, Diana) and yardwork has to be in the early morning or late evening.

blessings and hugs,


Diana said...

Well Marcy when it hit's that time when all I can do is stare out the window at my jungle , I start to think it may as well be winter. I try going out in the morning to work too but the humidity is what gets to me!
Thanks for staying!

Anonymous said...

I'm staying, too!!! Even though summer is my favorite season... And, it's not here yet! I also like spring & fall, but don't really care for winter - well, I can't help it. I wouldn't mind winter IF I could live in Florida all except the first & last two weeks. And, guess I really wouldn't mind being there the last two either...

Anonymous said...

I'm not goin' anywhere. I'm with you....through all the seasons. (Your cone flowers and butterflies ....or as I call them to my granddaughter: futterblies) are beautiful.

Diana said...

Oh Roxanne you are so sweet but you are family after all so where can you really go! Will always be cousins!

Hi Jackie I'm glad you are staying too! And I like that word futterblies, I really wasn't sure if they were butterflies or moths? I'm sure Wanda would know. Wanda are you out there?

Maybe if I don't find out for sure I will just call them butteroths!

Teresa said...

Hi Diana,
I am not going anywhere either, we are in this together, no matter what the season. I love every season, except WINTER! I can't handle the cold, it is too painful. Anyway, stay cool my friend, and could you imagine riding a Roller Coaster in the Winter? BRRRRRRRRRRR! Drink lots of water, and think cool thoughts, like the ones you write on your blog. I love it!

Diana said...

Hi Teresa, I'm so glad that you are stickin' around! And I thought about the roller coaster in the winter. I came to the conclusion that it could replace my morning coffee without fail!

Wanda..... said...

I'm here forever too because I find more fault with summer than the other seasons also...although I love the birds, bees, flowers, and the trees of summer...I dislike the humidity and heat more than the ice and snow of winter!

Rebecca said...

Weighing in against the humidity and heat (but also the cold of winter - unless I can just hibernate). The older I get, the more sensitive to extremes in weather I am. For me, it isn't summer yet. So far, so good. In fact, I go around with a lightweight denim shirt over whatever I'm wearing. Especially in public places with air-conditioning!
And my coneflowers aren't blooming yet, either! I'm jealous.

Diana said...

Oh Wanda thank you for seeing it from my perspective! I don't know about you but the whole bug issue turns me off as well!

I know what you mean about becoming more sensitive to the changes in the weather Rebecca. I have arthritis in several areas and I do feel those changes, but with that said there are still things that I love about the other seasons so much more. I'm sure that will be a future post!!

Thank you both for hanging around. I do so enjoy your company!

Eileen said...

Oh, you are not getting rid of me that easy, Dear!
I actually like all the Seasons, but weather-wise, HATE the heat and HUMIDITY ESPECIALLY!! I love Summer, and I sit out on my back deck in the sun with a cool drink and a good book and lounge, but then I'm either taking a quick dip in the pool every ten minutes, or I'm running into the air conditioning (Ray keeps our home like a meat locker in the summer!) every ten minutes, and then back out to the sun and fun!
And it's the same with Winter - HATE the freezing cold and the ice! Pretty snow, that's acceptable to me.
My most favorite Seasons are Spring and Fall but these past few years those have been extremely short seasons if they've come at all in my neck of the woods. Oh well.
So no, Diana, I'm a bigger complainer than you, so your complaints about the heat are not scaring me off.
You're just stuck with me I guess.
Love you!

Diana said...

It makes me very happy to know that you decided to stay! I'd miss you if you went away but I would still be reading your posts!
All of us girls have to stick together, who better to understand all of the different things going through our brains then each other!

Eileen said...

I forgot to say I really liked your pictures! How do you people get such great close-ups of creatures?

I don't know if they are moths or butterflies, but if they are moths they are beautiful moths! I especially liked their color against the pink flower!

And you are so right, Diana, we have to stick together!

Blessings each day said...

You NEED to hop on over to my second post today, cutie pie!

blessings an dhugs galore,


Bernie said...

Hey you don't really think I will leave you because Summer is not your favorite season do you, I do enjoy all the seasons and am always ready when a new one arrives but I understand your feelings about summer completely. Perhaps if my summer wasn't so short I'd feel the same way. Love you photo's, have a great day...Hugs

Diana said...

Well Bernie I am so glad that you are staying! I guess I will go ahead and tell you, Winter is my second favorite season! I'm sure one day I will post about the number one!